The Ultimate Organic Balu Ball Pit

by BaluOrganics


Introducing the best organic foam available to parents and tots! 

Yes, our Ultimate Organic foam is truly just that, the ultimate organic product for your little one! Did we mention the foam is green

Balu Organics' Ultimate Organic products are made with the world's first soy-based high resiliency foam. It is a premium high density and high resiliency foam that provides the best comfort, support, and durability for your Little One. Not only does it maintain its shape and firmness much longer than conventional polyurethane grades, it also does not generate any toxic gases and is certified pure. The first of its kind, we're the exclusive retailer of this high grade soy-based and toxic-free foam products!


Dive into the trend for organic baby toys with this modern nursery ball pit! Made of soy-based natural materials, the Ultimate Organic Balu Ball Pit is the safest of non-toxic toys for babies.

The beautifully soft fabric protects against bumps and oopsie-daisies, because we know tots get over-excited when they're exploring! Chic and minimalist, this baby ball pit will also keep your interior looking picture-perfect.

  • Made with soy based foam made in Canada
  • Ultra-safe materials protect your baby during play
  • Fill with balls to create a fun, sensory experience!
  • Choose from a variety of colours and fabrics
  • Balls are sold separately 


  • BIG: 88cm x 43cm x 5cm
  • MEDIUM: 88cm x 33cm x 5cm