Balu Balls (7cm)

by BaluOrganics


Balu Balls are soft pit balls to match with your Balu Ball Play Pits! The perfect activity for your baby or toddler! Kids of all sizes can enjoy this, we recommend 7 months+.

Chemical-free crush-proof plastic balls that are BPA Free with no smell, are safe for toddlers and perfect for your Ball Pit/Kiddie Pool/Indoor Baby Playpen.

Balu Balls come in a pack of 100 per color, and feel free to mix and match! Please note our ocean blue balls are now similar to the 6cm in color.  We no longer carry the lighter ones.



Balu MEDIUM Pits - 300 Balu Balls

Balu BIG Pits - 400 Balu Balls
Product Features:
- The balls are available in 6 colors: grey, white, pink, clear, teal & blue.
- The diameter of the balls is 7 cm
- Light and durable
- Due to the round shape of the balls, they are very dimensionally stable
- After pressing in, the balls return to their original shape

-Please put the balls by a heat source if they deflate from the cold.  Doing this will cause them to restore their natural look.