The Original Balu Ball Pit

by BaluOrganics


An enriching children's ball pit that won't ruin your flawless home decor! With a minimalist design in dreamy colours, it's also a cute backdrop for your #HumbleBrag baby photoshoots.

Handmade from deluxe memory foam, the ball pit is tactile, inviting, and safe for infants, toddlers, and children aged 7 months and up. Fill it with up to 500 balls to introduce baby to new textures, activities, and one of the most popular kid toys 2020

This fun and cute ball pit is perfect for your little one! Not only does it provide entertainment and joy for your family but it also adds a decorative accent to your kid's room. Kids will definitely fall in love with it the first time they see it!

  • Memory-based foam sourced locally in Canada with a 100% organic cotton outer
  • Ultra-safe materials protect your baby during play
  • Fill with balls to create a fun, sensory experience!
  • Balls are sold separately 


  • MEDIUM: 88cm x 30cm x 5 cm
  • BIG: 88cm x 43cm x 5cm