The Original Balu Ball Pit

by BaluOrganics


Rare is the toy that is guaranteed to entertain children for hours while adding to the style of your home and providing the perfect backdrop for your #humblebrag Insta posts.

The Original Balu Ball Pit is just such a revelation. Capable of containing up to 500 balls, you can rest assured your child will love Balu playtime, bouncing about in a sea of lightweight spheres and engaging in hours of imaginative play. Our Balu balls are available in a variety of colors and are sturdy enough to withstand all your child’s tumbles and jumps while remaining lightweight and smooth to the touch.

Our pit is available in two sizes (how much room baby has to bounce is entirely up to you!) and comes in two fabric options—gossamer-light cotton or luxurious velvet. Both feel wonderful against the skin and blend seamlessly into any décor. Choose from eight stunning color options to ensure your pit compliments your nursery or playroom. And be prepared—once your little gymnast sees this pit, it’s sure to become one of their most treasured toys!

The Details

  • Expertly constructed using memory-based foam locally sourced in Canada
  • Made of safe and soft materials to support your child while feeling luxurious against baby’s delicate skin
  • Balls are sold separately and may be purchased by clicking here


  • MEDIUM: 88cm x 33cm x 5cm
  • BIG: 88cm x 43cm x 5cm