The Balu Tummy Time + Play Mat

by BaluOrganics


Playtime just got so much more cozy!

Made with organic and deluxe Canadian foam, the Balu Tummy Time + Playmat will the most comfortable spot for your little one to learn to play!

This Balu Tummy Time + Play Mat is plush and comfortable for those first moments of tummy time, learning to lift their neck, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and learning to stand and walk.  These much anticipated moments will be much more comfortable and encouraging for baby, and even more adorable for parents.

Our neutral aesthetics are ultra-modern and helps improve your little one's cognitive abilities in any room in your home. The beautiful geometric shapes are also pleasant and intriguing to look at and explore for your little one. The velour texture is a new sensation for your baby to learn and explore.

The Balu Tummy Time + Play Mat is made of deluxe and firm Canadian foam that is safe for baby and the environment. It is easy to clean and provides a safe space for your child to explore without fear of falling or sinking in too much.

Measures 152cm by 152xm by 5cm(Thickness)