Balu Squared Ball Pit

by BaluOrganics


Balu Squared is our newest addition to Balu Organics and your home! With all the high-quality materials you love about Balu, we've reshaped our classic ball pitso you have comfy corners that will make a seamless fit into your little one's play space. As if playtime didn't just get better, it also just got less messy and more fun with this new tip-resistant design!

Balu Squared is designed to bridge the gap between style and convenience for you, and function and development for baby.

Our Original Balu Foam is made with plush and firm foam.

Our Premium Balu Foam is made with high-performance soy-based foam. 

Our Ultimate Organic foam is the creme de la creme of foam materials! Made with the world’s first soy-based high resiliency foam. It is a premium high density and high resiliency foam that provides the best comfort, support, and durability. This foam is made with soy-bean oil that has been used to replace most of the petrochemicals that are commonly used to make flexible polyurethane foam. 

Size: 90 x 90 x 40 (cm)

Recommended Balu Balls: 400-600 6cm or 400 7cm. (Please note balls aren't included)

 **We highly recommend our Premium or Ultimate Organic Balu Foam's for little one's with skin sensitivities