Benefits of Ball Pits for Babies and Toddlers

Our babies deserve the best, and they genuinely don’t want to (or deserve to) settle for anything less! Your little one is growing so fast, it can be hard to keep up with their highly active curiosity and keep their interest. Above all, you don't want your little one too into technology from an early age.
Ball pits are gorgeous additions to your nursery, but they're true to Balu: so much more than the perfect addition to your baby photoshoot props. Balu ball pits encourage continuous natural development in a fun and comfortable space. Several benefits have compelled parents as well as the new schools or daycare centers to set up adequate ball pits for babies and toddlers to let the good times roll while they get exposed to the colors of life. Ball pits help them to begin learning about their environment, explore new surroundings, feel new textures, develop muscle strength and coordination, and so much more! 
Our Balu Ball Pits are handcrafted keeping in mind the current need for development activities that your little one is enthusiastic about! You might have noticed that toddlers love to create a mess around the beautiful things, and so you have the opportunity to let them play as much as they can, meanwhile building their learning skills. Here are some highlights of the benefits of ball pits in your baby's development:
Muscles strengthening
Sensory affection
Social interaction
Sharing and negotiation
Learning cause and effect
    All children can benefit from (and will likely enjoy) rolling, catching, kicking, dribbling, and tossing a ball—an inexpensive, readily available, and versatile toy. Playing with balls improves kids' motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing, which are important parts of the developmental progression of toddlers. The skills children learn by playing with balls will also be important once they graduate to collaborative and competitive play.
    While in ball pits, the uneven environment will help your little one develop balance
    Balls are must-have toys. You can introduce them to your baby very early on because they immediately strengthen motor skills and familiarize little ones with their environment.
    Early on, babies gravitate toward things that roll. .. Literally anything that rolls. But it's the continuous movement that garners their attention. Balls allow children to work to be in control of something other than their own movements, something that's always trying to get away from them. Balls help them build balance skills and allow little ones to practice transferring an object from one hand to the other.

    Toddlers will enjoy discovering a ball's abilities and the different effects of bouncing, rolling, tossing, and kicking it. A ball will remain an entertaining toy as your child transitions from independent play and parallel play to collaborative play, which is vital in developing social skills, such as learning how to share, how to follow rules, and how to negotiate.
    Like us, kids also learn from who and what they interact with. In nurseries, if you are organizing a session for a pit ball activity with other children, it will develop a sense of cooperation and help your little one in developing their personalities, become more comfortable with saying no, and sharing.
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